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Join us for a raw conversation between four relationship coaches that will change your love life forever!

A real life in-depth conversation with three male coaches being interviewed by a female coach.

We're going to be getting REAL about the confusing dating scenario which causes women to fall for Mr. Unavailable.

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This is for you if

  • Your heart freezes when you think about love or dating.

  • You have been avoiding dating as you fear the pain that comes with it

  • Your heart sinks when a girlfriend gets married or engaged and you are still single.

  • You Don’t Attract The Wrong Men, You Accept The Wrong Man

  • It’s Not that you go out and meet only jerks,... But that you go on a second date with them that is the problem

  • You have been despairing about all those dates that led to nowhere

  • You suspect there is something wrong with you or all men you meet


  • How come some women keep falling for Mr Unavailable?

  • How you know you are attracted to Mr Unavailable?

  • How your level of dating style attracts or repels Mr Unavailable or may even turn Mr Unavailable to Mr Right.

  • What does a prospect Mr Right want in you and how to be irresistible to him.

  • How to stop blaming Mr Unavailable and start becoming irresistible to Mr Right.

    Why do you keep blaming Mr Unavailable instead of becoming irresistible to Mr Right?

    • Have you wondered why some women effortlessly date and marry their Mr Right and others keep struggling with men?

    • How is it that some women always attract archetypical Mr Unavailable only to see the same men throw themselves in the arm of another woman who they sweep off their feet?

    • -It’s not that you attract the wrong men, but rather that you accept the wrong man

    • Could it be that a man can be both Mr Right and both Mt Unavailable dependent on which women they are dating?

    • Could it be that unbeknownst to you, you are turning Mr Right into Mr Unavailable with your actions and dating strategies?

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Win Win Dating Presents: Attraction to Mr. Unavailable

Stop falling for Mr. Unavailable by learning how to avoid the pitfalls of modern dating, by listening to this presentation where three male relationship coaches are being interviewed by a female coach.

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